Why Give Through CFCC

Maximize the Local Impact of Your Donation

When you donate through the Community Foundation of Collier County, you help drive positive change through causes you care about. Whether you’re here year-round or seasonally, Collier County is home, and together we’re making it even better.

Personalized Service

Giving is tailored to your wishes, from the type of gift you chose to how the funds may be used. We help protect donor’s charitable intentions.

Flexible Giving

We can connect your philanthropy to local nonprofits pursuing causes and initiatives that resonate with you — whether that’s locally, nationally or internationally.

Community Leadership

Together we’re a leading force for good in the community, successfully making a strong imprint on strategic goals.

Advantages Over Private Foundations

We can help you convert your foundation to a donor-advised fund with less administrative burden, improved tax deductions and increased grant flexibility. You can keep the name of your foundation intact and allow leadership to serve as advisors and successors in perpetuity. A donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation of Collier County is an effective alternative or complement to a private foundation. Plus, you have the support of our professional staff for administration.