Mental Health & Substance Abuse

The Need

According to the 2017 community needs assessment , Collier County has too few mental healthcare resources and the treatment system is overloaded. A lack of inpatient beds for treatment and affordable housing make life even harder for people struggling with mental illness or substance abuse. Many residents are unaware of the extent of the problem locally.   

The Findings

  • Although the number of mental healthcare providers (MHCP) increased 320% from 2013-16, there is still only 1 MHCP for every 1,050 residents
  • 5% of nonprofits serve health or mental health needs
  • 80% of study participants believe mental health and substance abuse are major public health problems



Our Solution

Develop a community-wide awareness campaign

We will partner with the county, local law enforcement, media outlets and our nonprofits to raise awareness of the need, as well as the gaps, in mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment.

Provide funding for mental health and substance abuse services to address the need identified in the awareness campaign.

This funding will provide more staffing, counseling, helpline assistance and other support services to address the increasing needs in our community.

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