Environment & Accessibility

The Need

The natural beauty of Southern Florida is part of the attraction of Collier County. Changing climate will cause an increase in the strength and frequency of storms which can negatively impact our environment and conservation efforts, the quality of our air and water, and local wildlife. In addition, a lack of accessibility means people with disabilities are unable to enjoy recreational activities in the beautiful outdoors. The 2017 community needs assessment  defines the extent of these issues.

The Findings Significant concerns focus on:

Environmental impact of growth and development

Impact of increasing traffic on wildlife habitat

Water and air quality

Rising sea levels

Our Solution

Initiate wetlands restoration projects

The Community Foundation will direct funding to wetlands restoration.

Wetlands improve water quality, alleviate red tide, mitigate flooding, buffer our coastline from catastrophic storms and support wildlife and fisheries.

Plant thousands of native trees

Hurricane Irma devastated thousands of trees, disrupting wildlife habitat and eliminating the benefit of natural shade.

In collaboration with the, the and the county, the Community Foundation will plant thousands of new native trees.  

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Read or download our environment & accessibility issue paper

Read “Upstream Stewardship” – a report on what area experts have to say about the challenges of changing climate patterns, natural disasters, and inaccessible recreational activities and how the Community Foundation will help support collaborative planting and restoration projects and enhanced park access.

Watch the education series discussion with area experts

Give Back

Help us protect Collier County’s natural beauty and keep it accessible.