Education & Employment

The Need

The 2017 community needs assessment found that Collier County students have difficulty with starting school and planning for life after graduation. Many of these students are the first in their families to attend secondary education, but their families often don’t have the financial resources to support them. And without advanced education and training, they do not qualify for high-paying jobs. That leaves many of them with little choice except service and retail jobs that do not pay a living wage.

The Findings

K-12 Students
middle-schoolers identified as at-risk
of K-12 students qualify for free-and-reduced lunch
high school graduate rate
of Collier County children are NOT kindergarten ready
enroll in college the year after graduation

Our Solution

As a community convener, the Collier Community Foundation™ is a leading voice in the response to these needs.

Support the operations of Future Ready Collier

Future Ready Collier is a collaborative effort of 60 organizations.

We can bolster early childhood education, as well as college and career-readiness, through the central agency, Champions for Learning.

Increase the number of scholarships and internships

More technical, vocational and career-focused scholarships and internships will prepare students for a good job and a bright future.

In addition, these efforts will build our workforce, attract new businesses and stimulate economic development.

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Help us support educational and employment opportunities for our younger generation.