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Community Needs Assessment Study

A year-long community needs assessment study (CNA) project initiated by the Community Foundation and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation presented a detailed portrait of Collier County and its residents. The 2017 survey report informed the Community Foundation’s discretionary grant-making resources on partners and programs in ten strategic areas that address our community’s major needs. It can be examined more closely at the following links:

Your passion. Your Collier.

As a direct result of the Community Needs Assessment, the Community Foundation launched the $15.5 million
Your passionYour  Collier. campaign to address needs in the following strategic areas: mental health & substance abuse, housing & hunger, education & employment, seniors & veterans, environment & accessibility, and crisis & disaster relief.

What's Your Passion?

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Icon

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Raise awareness through public education and provide funding for support services to address the growing need in our community.

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Housing & Hunger

Housing and Hunger

Support collaborative projects that provide affordable housing and support services and address food insecurity throughout Collier County.

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Education & Employment

Education and Employment

Support the operations of Future Ready Collier to increase scholarships and internships and increase the number of career-focused opportunities to build our workforce and stimulate economic development.

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Crisis & Disaster Relief

Crisis & Disaster Relief

Support unrestricted funds that are vital for sustaining the community through a crisis.

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Seniors and Veterans

Seniors & Veterans

Affordable housing for seniors and veterans and invest in case

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Environment & Accessibility

Environment & Accessibility

Update accommodations in parks and recreation areas to make them more accessible, establish wetlands restoration initiatives, and provide reforestation efforts by planting native trees.

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Studies are pointless unless we follow them up with action...

How Do We Inspire Change?

We play a unique and essential role in our community.

From funding Future Ready Collier to responding to Hurricane Irma, we are at the table for every significant conversation happening about Collier County.

We create public-private partnerships, support strategic plans, and conduct major studies that lead to real action and positive change in our community.

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