Employee Assistance

Emergency & Disaster Relief for Employees

Our Employee Assistance programs are designed to allow compassionate employers to support their valued workforce in times of great need.

Employees who have experienced a qualifying event can apply directly to The Community Foundation through the application process specific to their employer.

The Foundation works with each applicant on a one-to-one basis, and assistance funds are used to pay bills for qualifying basic needs on behalf of those who are approved. This may include short-term, emergency assistance with housing, basic utilities, and certain other basic living expenses.

All applications are confidential.

What situations qualify for General Emergency Assistance?

Natural Disaster

For situations such as wildfire, flood, tornado, hurricane, severe storms, or earthquake, that have damaged or destroyed the employee's primary residence. The Fund cannot pay to repair other property and cannot pay to replace non-essential items. Photographs and insurance reports may be requested.

Death Incident

This includes the death of the employee, spouse, or eligible dependent(s). The loss of income, cost of burial or funeral expenses, or resulting from medical bills preventing an employee or the employee's family from affording basic living expenses. The Fund may be able to help pay expenses to bring a child whose parents have died to live elsewhere. The Fund cannot pay for travel to funerals, floral baskets, grave markers, or other funeral expenses. Copy of the death certificate or obituary will be required.

Life-Threatening or Serious Illness/Injury

For the employee, spouse, and eligible dependent(s). The fund is not a substitute for medical insurance and employees do not automatically qualify for a grant when they, or their dependents, are diagnosed with or suffer a life-threatening or serious illness or injury. There must be resulting financial need including an inability to pay basic living expenses. Doctor confirmation or medical documentation will be required.

Other Catastrophic Extreme Circumstance

This includes but is not limited to: fire, major home damage that could not be prevented, a serious crime against the employee (robbery, arson, assault, domestic abuse, extreme vandalism), or another reportable incident beyond the employee's control that impacts the ability to afford basic needs. Catastrophic or extreme circumstances do not include: credit card debt, home foreclosure, wage garnishment, bankruptcy, child support payment, car repair, taxes, or accumulated financial distress. Police, fire, or another official incident report may be required.

What situations qualify for Declared Disaster Relief?

There are no current declared states of disaster.

Home Catastrophe

Loss or damage to the primary residence. Damage must be a result of the declared disaster.

Personal Vehicle(s)/ Loss of Car

Provide employees with assistance due to loss of car for rental or alternative transportation needs. Also includes loss or damage to an employee's personal vehicle(s) due to declared disaster where the total cost of replacement and/or repairs are not covered with proceeds from an insurance policy.

Living Expense Including Rental Assistance

Assistance for employees who incurred living expenses as a result of displacement, temporary housing, or forced relocation as a result of unsafe home/condemnation by County or City Authorities. This also includes rental assistance due to temporary or forced relocation.

Personal Medical Emergency/Life Sustaining Needs Expense(s)

Assistance for personal medical emergency due to injury or illness caused by the declared disaster or during the aftermath. In addition, this includes life-sustaining need expense(s) incurred as a result of the declared disaster (i.e. purchasing/renting of a generator to operate life sustaining device(s) due to an existing illness).

Personal Property/Other Catastrophic Extreme Circumstance

Loss or damage to personal property (including clothing, food, flooring, and home items) where the total cost of replacement and/or repairs is not covered with proceeds from an insurance policy. This also includes but is not limited to: a serious crime against the employee or eligible dependent(s) (such as a robbery, looting, arson, extreme vandalism, or another reportable crime during the declared disaster) that impacts the ability to afford basic needs. Depending on the circumstance, police, fire, or another official incident report may be required through the application process.

Start your Employee Assistance Application

Login to our secure portal to begin your application. Individuals who have already applied, or who have been awarded, can login to see the status of their applications 24/7. All communication will be to the email and phone number provided by the applicant on the application.

Contact Laura Bidireanu for more information at Lbidireanu@cfcollier.org or 239.307.4515

Employee Assistance Funds are provided by the following employers and managed by the Community Foundation.


If you need help filling out an application, please contact:

Laura Bidireanu
Director of Education/Scholarships