Employee Assistance

Emergency & Disaster Relief for Employees

Our Employee Assistance programs are designed to allow compassionate employers to support their valued workforce in times of great need.

Employees who have experienced a qualifying event can apply directly to The Community Foundation through the application process specific to their employer.

The Foundation works with each applicant on a one-to-one basis, and assistance funds are used to pay bills for qualifying basic needs on behalf of those who are approved. This may include short-term, emergency assistance with housing, basic utilities, and certain other basic living expenses.

All applications are confidential.

What situations qualify for General Emergency Assistance?

Declared Disaster Relief funds are designed to provide emergency support to employees or eligible dependents during, or following an emergency where there has been a declared state of emergency.

What situations qualify for Declared Disaster Relief?

General Emergency Assistance funds are designed to provide short-term, emergency support to employees or eligible dependents who have experienced certain unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances such as a natural disaster, life-threatening illness or injury, a death incident, or other certain catastrophic or extreme circumstances – and, as a result, cannot afford housing, necessary utilities, or other basic living needs.

Check the status of your Employee Assistance Application

Login to our secure portal to begin your application. Individuals who have already applied, or who have been awarded, can login to see the status of their applications 24/7. All communication will be to the email and phone number provided by the applicant on the application.

Contact Laura Bidireanu for more information at Lbidireanu@cfcollier.org or 239.307.4515

Employee Assistance Funds are provided by the following employers and managed by the Community Foundation.


If you need help filling out an application, please contact:

Laura Bidireanu
Director of Education/Scholarships