Help Clients Plan Their Charitable Giving

Guidance for Leaving a Legacy

The Community Foundation of Collier County has a team of philanthropic professionals to help your client start a fund that will meet their charitable giving goals starting now and continuing into the future. From the client who wants to make an immediate philanthropic impact, to the couple hoping to leave a legacy, to the family with a complicated tax situation, the Community Foundation’s team of professionals has the expertise to help donors reach their goals and provide maximum impact.

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Why partner with the Foundation?

Your clients may already be donating regularly to the organizations and programs they care about—we love that. By partnering with the Community Foundation, our advisors can share their knowledge to help donors direct their funds where they can make the biggest impact and receive significant tax benefits.

Advisor testimonial

"The Foundation staff is knowledgeable and client-friendly. They have assisted me in implementing tax advantageous structures that help my clients - families who are working to define their philanthropic goals."
- Edward E. Wollman, Wollman, Gehrke & Solomon, P.A.